Find out if you can get 6g air fibre

Our story

6G Internet is a UK based business that recognised early that traditional methods of delivering internet connectivity to customers would be unable to keep pace with the ever-accelerating demands as technology advanced. Traditional methods of internet delivery still rely on cables and telephone wiring that, in many cases, is many decades old and which was designed for telephone communication alone. Consumer and Business demand for broadband services continues to grow exponentially:

  • Multiple users/devices in each property
  • The phenomenal growth of TV and movie streaming (e.g. Netflix)
  • The boom of the online gaming market
  • The development of HD, and now ultra-HD movies
  • The start of "the internet of things" (e.g. remotely controlling heating in your house, or remotely monitoring CCTV)

The demand to have a truly connected house will grow and we have developed 6G as a future-proofed, purpose built solution which can develop alongside consumer technological developments.

We are a UK business with UK call centres and our own installers. We don't outsource and it is our mission to bring you future-proof internet (and telecoms) connectivity to ensure that you get the most from the tech advances going on around us.

Join up with 6G Internet, don't get left behind!