Our Technology

6G Internet is beneficial, by building a brand new network, encompassing the latest, state of the art technology, meaning fewer legacy issues compared with other providers.

6G Internet combines the latest radio and fibre optic technologies. Our internet is transmitted wirelessly via line-of-sight, point-to-point, meaning we aren't reliant on speed and distance issues you get with copper cables.

Traditional Broadband

Legacy telephone wiring pushes shared broadband on a longer, less direct journey, resulting in slower speeds and less stability.

6G Internet

Super-fast and secure, next generation internet, sent over ground through the air, direct to users via point-to-point. This bypasses the diverted journey that you get with traditional copper wires. New sites can be installed and connected within days.

Our network capacity is built to support multiple Gbps internet connections as standard, whereas, other providers using traditional infrastructure, try to support 20Mbps ADSL and 40Mbps fibre connections using an evolved network created to support only 2Mbps ADSL connections.

The latest radio technology can boast gigabit speeds, so by taking these high speed milliwave signals and redirecting them into a high speed, high capacity fibre optic point-to-point network, we can provide a super-fast and modern alternative to standard broadband.

Telephone Line

Because your high speed broadband is not delivered by old-fashioned copper phone line, you do not need to pay line rental. However, if you wish to retain a "fixed" phone line, we can provide you with facility via VoIP technology for a price of only £10 per month (in addition to your other services). Our call charges are highly competitive and can usually retain your present number. The good news is you do NOT need a new phone! Your existing handset will be compatible with our 6G wireless router.