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Designed, built and supported in Lancashire

No maybe, no average, just actual speeds

No telephone line needed

Ideal for gaming and TV streaming

Unique technology

No price increase

Internet for streaming TV

More cost-effective and faster than current contract TV packages, our ultrafast internet has been designed with TV streaming in mind, giving you full control of your viewing through apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and NOW TV.

The way we watch our favourite TV shows has changed for good. Instead of having hundreds of live channels to flick through, we now watch on-demand via the internet. If you’ve ever binge-watched a series, caught up on a missed episode or watched sport via an app, then you’re already there. But the only way to get the best internet deal from many providers is by combining it with a package of live TV channels that you never use.

With the world moving towards smart TV, we decided to create a smarter internet. On demand TV requires more from your broadband speeds. Therefore we offer ultrafast 100 Mbps to keep up with the latest TV streaming services available. It means you save up to £840 per year and enjoy faster, cheaper broadband with the freedom to experience everything a smart TV has to offer. This includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky NOW TV and YouTube, as well as new platforms such as Disney+, Apple TV+ and Android TV.