Find out if you can get 6g air fibre

Take control of your internet

With 6G, the best broadband deal isn’t tied to your contract. Whatever broadband package takes your fancy, you’re free to grab it whenever you want. And because there are no cables, you can get superfast broadband without having to pay line rental. Just choose the price and speed that suits your needs at any time and with no additional charges - the internet is yours to do with as you please.

  • Remote Designed for gaming to prevent slow down and lag.
  • Speed meter Faster downloads and uploads with totally unlimited usage.
  • Video streaming Ideal for streaming Now TV and Netflix in 4K.


Using cables slows your internet down during peak times - whether or not you've got fibre optic broadband and regardless of your provider. That's why we've decided to get rid of them completely. Connect to 6G Internet's superfast Air Fibre and you will always get the speed you pay for, regardless of how many other people are using it.

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