Find out if you can get 6g air fibre

Fed up with slow internet?

Why not become a Wireless Access Ready Property

Do you dread the buffering that disrupts your video and gaming content? Especially at peak times!

Our customers are able to download music faster, play online games better, stream online content such as movies quicker, search for jobs, get educated, but more so enjoy a better experience of Internet usage.

With a rapid installation of a high speed, fixed wireless 6G internet connection your home or business will soon be taking off in to the light-years of internet.

Next generation

Our ever expanding and independently owned Air Fibre network is bringing high speed Internet to all areas of the UK.

Over the past few years we have seen Fixed Wireless Internet emerge as an affordable, very reliable, high speed internet option.

Fixed Wireless by passes traditional means of getting internet to your property, not reliant on ageing cables it utilises digital microwave technology beaming signals from our Transmitter Towers to a radio installed on your property.

Our installation is quick, easy, cable free and as an independent provider of Internet we are not reliant on other companies to deliver you what you need!

TV from another planet

Internet TV from 6G internet enables you to access all your favourite channels through your 6G high speed wireless connection.

Appy TV comes with Netflix pre-installed and is optimised for use with 6G super-fast fibre.

Appy TV