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About Us

A little about us, says a lot about you

At 6G Internet, we don’t follow the crowd. We like to do things our own way.

So, we’ve built our own wireless network that transmits outstandingly fast broadband through the air. It is wireless to the property and available in areas that otherwise can’t receive fibre through underground wiring.

Our Technology

The best way to predict the future is to create it ...
... so we did

6G Internet is the fastest growing independent network providing next generation internet through the air.

6G Internet cuts out underground cables, providing you with the future of the internet by transmitting Super-fast wireless internet straight to a tiny receiver on your home.

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The 7pm Effect

Don't be drip-fed your internet

Ever noticed that your internet appears slow at certain times of the day? Do you come home after a long day at work to sit down and catch up on your favourite TV shows, only to continuously face buffering issues?
We call this the ‘7pm effect’.

It is a fact* that average broadband speeds in the UK are fastest in the early hours of the morning and slowest (by up to 30%) between 5pm and 11pm (peak times). Great if you are a night owl or an early bird, however, most of us demand an uninterrupted service during peak times. Cue 6G Internet. Our service delivers you consistent speeds throughout both the day and the evening. Switch to 6G and say goodbye to the 7pm effect.