Find out if you can get 6g air fibre

Introducing you to 6G

The best way to predict the future is to create it... and we did!

6G are specialists in next generation, wireless internet communications and are capable of providing superfast broadband to your home wirelessly and without the need for costly line rental charges.

Using radio wave technology, signals travel at the speed of light from a transmitter directly to a receiver on your property. As this journey bypasses traditional outdated methods of old wiring and overloaded exchanges, broadband speeds are faster, more secure and don't slow at peak times.

Old technology

Old technology

6G technology

Our technology

The future is wireless and as we progress into the age of the smart home, super-fast broadband is essential to support modern living.

6G is a UK business with UK call centres and our own installation engineers. It is our mission to bring you future-proof internet connectivity to ensure that you get the most from the tech advances going on around us.

Consumer demand for fast broadband services continues to grow exponentially due to:

  • Multiple users/devices in each property
  • The phenomenal growth of TV and movie streaming (e.g. Netflix)
  • The boom of online gaming
  • The development of HD, and now ultra-HD movies
  • The start of "the Internet of Things" (Remotely controlling heating in your house, or remotely monitoring CCTV)
  • Traditional broadband technology just cannot keep up with these rapid advances, so we have developed a future-proof network which we can continue building around the rapidly changing needs of modern technology.

As we use our own qualified, in house engineers to carry out your installation and we don't use the traditional cable network, installation consists of a discreet receiver fixed to your house rather like a small satellite dish.