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NASA currently uses wireless technology to communicate between planets. Well, we aren’t that ambitious but we are determined to make the most of the billions of pounds that continue to be invested into its research and development.

The result is our wireless broadband network, which is set to deliver speeds of up to 6 Gbps (that’s 6,000 Mbps) in the very near future. It’s the culmination of an idea that started in 2013: Broadband technology is improving all the time, so how can we help customers access it sooner?

For the vast majority of internet service providers, the answer is to dig up roads and install more fibre optic cable. If you’re lucky, it might mean you’ll be able to access 1 Gbps internet by 2033.

We think there’s a better way. Our wireless transmitters can be upgraded in a day. So when we can achieve better speeds, so do you. No digging, no interruptions, no worries.

Not only is it less expensive to run, it also means we can expand our network much faster than the bigger boys. We aim to serve cheaper, faster broadband to 4 million households by 2022.

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