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We are donating 20% of our network

We help local authorities, schools and charities, to permanently connect people who are missing out on this vital utility.

Internet for Everyone

We believe that for too many people, costs and long-term contracts are the barrier to being able to connect to the internet at home.

We can sometimes take the internet for granted; being connected isn’t just about watching the latest movie. For some, it can be their only access to essential services, for example, healthcare, socialising, education and finance.

That’s why 6G Internet is committed to helping people get connected. We have donated 20% of our network to provide free broadband connections, as part of our ‘Internet for everyone’ campaign.

20% of our network donated to provide free broadband connections
  • Social
  • Educational
  • Financial
  • Recreational
  • Health

What we have done so far...

We have worked with community organisations, to improve existing and create new community initiatives for locals to access the internet. We have worked with schools to identify families needing help to ensure that all children can access the internet at home.

We have worked with churches, mosques and charities, providing internet connections, allowing them to interact with communities through new media.

Charities that we’ve helped...

Age UK Logo

Age UK Blackburn with Darwen

“Lack of affordable broadband is one of the main factors that leads to digital exclusion amongst older people. Working with 6G Internet as partners has enabled Age UK Blackburn with Darwen to help older people to get connected free of charge. This allows them to experience the many benefits of digital technology such as keeping in touch with friends and family, shopping online and using health services online.”
Inspire Motivate Overcome (IMO) Logo

Inspire Motivate Overcome (IMO) charity

“The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the prevalence of digital exclusion within our communities, especially amongst vulnerable groups. So, being able to work with 6G Internet to identify and secure free internet access and keep them connected, has been invaluable to the families we are supporting through this crisis.”
Secret Santa Logo

Secret Santa

Working in partnership with the Secret Santa Computers for kids appeal helping to enable children's home schooling.
Blackburn with Darwen Logo

Blackburn with Darwen

Working in partnership with the Family Learning, Employability & Digital Inclusion scheme

Communities that we’ve worked with...

St Silas Church Logo

St Silas Church

“We will be able to live stream our Sunday Service, to create an inclusive bond between those who are in church and those at home, thus breaking down the feelings of loneliness. An IT group is already experimenting with online training sessions, which could be broadcast from church to remote participants.”

  • Accrington Road Community Centre
  • Cheethams Mosque
  • Bangor St Foodbank

We’ve only just started...

This is just the beginning of our ‘Internet for everyone’ campaign. We aim to expand on what we have already achieved and start new projects. We are happy to hear from those who can help provide devices and support so that those we help can get the full benefit of being online.