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Is 6G Internet available in my area?

The 6G Internet network is currently being built throughout the UK, with many locations already up and running. To find out if it is available in your area, click the ‘check now’ button on our website or contact us directly using live chat or calling 0800 915 6138.

How can you provide Internet without a telephone line?

We can do this because we have built our own independent network and use wireless technology to send the signal through the air, not through your phone line like the majority of providers, which would slow down speeds the more homes are connected.

Why is 6G different?

A small receiver is attached to the roof of your home which will pick up signal from your closest transmitter and send it directly to your router. Sending your signal at a shorter distance, with less ‘traffic’ from other users means faster speeds to your home.

How is 6G installed in my home?

Our expert engineers will arrange a convenient day/time for the install. They will need to access inside and so someone will need to be at home. A small receiver (27cm x 8cm) is fitted to your home and our engineers will choose the best position for signal and aesthetics.

Do I need to set anything up?

Absolutely nothing! Our 6G engineers are experts and after installing the receiver, they set everything up, show you how it works and then test your internet to check you are getting the right speeds.

Is it easy to switch to 6G Internet?

Yes. As you do not need a phone line, we can have you set up pretty quickly. Our expert engineers do all the work too.

What is the difference between 6G Internet and 5G?

6Gi stands for 6G Internet. We deliver ultrafast broadband services to the premises, over a new hybrid network that has been designed and built specifically with home and business ultrafast broadband in mind.

5G is the fifth generation of wireless connectivity that follows 4G standard. It is used predominantly by mobile networks for their 5G enabled devices.

The broadband network we use is for broadband only. It is not a mobile phone network, nor does it use or support 5G technologies.

For more information on how 6G Internet technology works, please contact our team who would be more than happy to help.