Find out if you can get 6g air fibre

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Instead of using the legacy telephone infrastructure, much of it decades old, 6G uses microwave technology to send superfast broadband connectivity through the air direct to your house.

Microwave wireless technology provides state-of-the-art connectivity. When the New York stock exchanges needed high speed data connections recently, fixed wireless internet was the choice; given its speed advantages over even physical Fibre connections.

The headline "megabits per second (Mbps)" speed figures that are always quoted by providers are only half the story. Latency, or the actual speed data travels through a given connection, is crucial also. A 20Mbps broadband connection with poor latency will perform worse in real life than a 5Mbps connection with good latency. 6G gives you excellent headline speeds (up to 40Mbps) and a great latency, giving a fantastic customer experience, particularly for gamers and heavy streaming use.

Upload speeds for the 6G product are also far superior to even high speed Fibre competitors. This will become ever more important as our homes become technologically "smarter" (a practical example being CCTV you can remotely access) and the booming online gaming culture continues to evolve.

Why not future-proof your property with 6G Internet AND enhance its value and your experience of the Internet?