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Are you paying too much for your internet speeds?

Enter your current package’s guaranteed speeds and monthly costs to compare just how much you are paying per Megabit over 12 months. 6G Internet ONLY £2.64 per Megabit for the year.

6G Internet ONLY £2.64 per Megabit for the year

How does 6G Internet compare?
Internet provider Monthly cost Guaranteed speeds Price per MB % more expensive
6G Internet £21.99 100 £2.64 0%
Virgin Media £44.00 54 £9.78 73%
BT Internet £27.99 23 £14.60 82%
PlusNet £26.99 27 £12.00 78%
Post Office £24.00 32 £9.00 71%
EE Broadband £24.00 23 £12.52 79%
Sky £27.00 25 £12.96 80%
Talk Talk £21.00 37.5 £6.76 61%
NOW TV £28.00 25.3 £13.28 80%

*Prices correct as of 17th December, this data is based on advertised speeds given for a residential address in BB1 2JG through the respective websites, screen captures and data has been gathered of these prices and quotes (contact for a copy). Guaranteed speeds are to the router only. Prices will differ for EE mobile customers. Prices are for a 12 month period with some inclusive of line rental which is not required for 6G. The up to 82% claim is based on price per Mb using the quotes given online for a BB1 postcode and the difference per MB has been calculated as a percentage difference to 6G.