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Having built our own network means we aren’t reliant on other telecommunication providers and old technology.

How does it work?

Our transmitters are connected to fibre optic cables that are linked to national data centres. These transmitters wirelessly send the internet signal through the air to a small receiver that is fitted to your home.

How is 6G Internet technology different?

The 6G way

6G Internet wirelessly sends full fibre directly to your home, bypassing the slower and heavily congested copper cables, giving you a more reliable, faster speed internet connection through our gigabit ready network.
The 6G Way

The old way

Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) uses a combination of copper and fibre technology. Copper cables are much slower, with maximum internet speeds only reaching up to 80Mbps and for the majority, this is a lot less.
The Old Way

How is this different to FTTP?

Full fibre to the premises Internet is currently available, however this is limited to certain areas and addresses. Existing fibre to the premises internet can only be achieved with extensive work digging up roads to lay fibre cables to each home – this will take years of disruption.

How does our new network compare?

We’ve designed and built our own independent broadband network, for our customers.

We don’t dig up your roads, or depend on open reach to deliver your broadband.