Find out if you can get 6g air fibre


Whichever old-school provider you choose, whether it's BT, Talk Talk, Virgin or Sky, you really only have one option: cable broadband calculated at the "average speed" - meaning up to 49% of users don't get the speeds they pay for. At 6G, we offer a better alternative, using state of the art wireless technology to send superfast broadband through the air at guaranteed speeds, direct to your house.

6G gives you excellent headline speeds of up to 100 Mbps and a great latency, offering a fantastic customer experience particularly for gamers and heavy streamers.

Upload speeds for the 6G product are also far superior to even high-speed fibre competitors. This will become ever more important as our homes become technologically smarter.

Old technology

What are the advantages?

  • PhoneIf you don't want a home phone, you don't need a phone line. BT currently charge £228 per year for something many people never use for dialling or receiving calls. If you still want to make calls, our VOIP service allows you to use your current handset and in most cases to keep your phone number.
  • Meter highFlexible speeds which are faster than most fibre connections. In addition, the upgrade path is already in place for you to receive faster speeds as you require it. The equipment we install is ready for the future.
  • Mete4 slowThe 6G network has very low latency, which is the resistance to the speed at which your data travels to and from your device. It is as important to the online performance of your devices as the headline "megabits per second (Mbps)" that all Internet Service Providers quote.
  • UploadExceptional upload speeds. This means that 6G Internet is in a different league to even the big-name fibre providers. As the gaming industry continues to develop and the internet-of-things becomes a reality, this advantage for 6G Internet will become more and more important.