Find out if you can get ultra fast 6G Internet

We like being wireless. It means we don’t have to charge line rental and because our technology is constantly evolving, we can upgrade you to faster speeds without ever having to dig up your driveway. Oh, and speaking of your driveway – sign up to our ultrafast service and we’ll be there ultrafast too. We aim to connect you in a matter of days, not weeks.

Here are a couple of other benefits:

  • You get the advertised speed. All the time. Seriously.
  • No useless TV bundles. The top-box is on its way to extinction. We don’t intend to join it.
  • Low latency. Your data travels shorter distances, so your internet responds faster.
Old technology


We use a wireless network of transmitters and receivers that send internet directly to your home via radio wave. Not that we want to brag but it’s the same technology that NASA uses to communicate with its Mars Rover. You just need a small receiver to be installed on your roof and our ultrafast broadband will be transmitted to your home at the speed of light.

Here’s how it works:

  • Wireless transmitters are connected to fibre optic cables linking to national data centres
  • The transmitters beam internet signal through the air to be picked up by your receiver
  • The receiver sends ultrafast internet directly to your modem for you to connect