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Designed, built and supported in Lancashire

No maybe, no average, just actual speeds

No telephone line needed

Ideal for gaming and TV streaming

Unique Air Fibre technology

No price increase

No more interruptions

Work, play and stream from every corner of your home, knowing that Wi-Fi AX Assured will always keep you connected to the strongest AX signal. This not only means guaranteed coverage in every room, it also means no interruptions as there is no loss of signal, buffering or having to re-connect as you move around.

AX Assured

Everyone’s connected – at the same time

Designed for the modern-day family and home, Wi-Fi AX Assured is capable of supporting up to 64 devices per router without losing connection or speeds. With more and more of us relying on smart technology in our daily lives, it is perfect for gaming, streaming, downloading and keeping your smart appliances connected; all at the same time.

No average speeds

Using 6G Internet wireless technology means not only will you have guaranteed coverage but also the speeds we offer. Other providers will offer an average which is way below the speeds you paid for or expected but not at 6G Internet. We send signals wirelessly through our own network, directly to your home, completely bypassing the commonly congested fibre / copper phoneline broadband. This ensures that you always get the best speeds.

Speed 100Mbps

Strongest signal - always

The Wi-Fi AX routers placed around your home, continuously optimise your connection automatically, adding you to the strongest signal without you even knowing. The signals are shared and extended between the devices to form a mesh coverage of stable Wi-Fi for every room.