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How many Wi-Fi AX devices can be supported?

The system supports 1 Wi-Fi AX router plus up to 3 additional AX devices.

How many Wi-Fi AX devices will I need?

This depends on a number of factors:

  • How big is the property?
  • What is the property layout?
  • What are the walls made of?
  • What rooms/areas of the property need the internet?

We gather this information during your install and will advise how many AX devices you will need.

As a rule of thumb medium sized properties require 1 Wi-Fi AX router with 1 AX device and larger properties 1 AX router with 2 AX devices.

Why does the AX system not use wireless Wi-Fi?

High-speed Wi-Fi (5GHz) will not pass through obstacles such as walls, therefore the only way to ensure a reliable connection and speeds is to connect the AX router and AX devices via cables.

Can I have different passwords/SSID on my AX devices?

No, all the AX devices have the same SSID and password. This ensures you can roam seamlessly between 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi throughout the property without having to re-connect.

How many wireless devices can I connect to the AX system?

The AX system supports up to 64 devices connected via wireless and cable ethernet.

Can I choose 5GHz or 2.4GHz?

No, your Wi-Fi smart device itself controls this with its driver. With Apple iOS or Android, it is not possible as they automatically choose the connection.

Which is the best wireless device?

All of your devices use different chipsets for their wireless connection and therefore will behave differently with your 6G MESH AX system. This will depend on various factors:

  • Its Wi-Fi chipset
  • Its age and technology generation
  • Its operating system and drivers

Even the most modern devices from the well-known big brands aren’t guaranteed to be using the latest technology.

Here are the chipsets and how they work:

  • 802.11ax - this supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz. This is the latest generation. It uses very good data compression and very wide channels to achieve high speed.
  • 802.11ac - as above but less compression. This chipset is currently the most common and has been around for a few years. It is highly unlikely normal users will notice the difference with 802.11ax
  • 802.11n - this supports 2.4GHz and MAY support 5GHz (optional). It uses narrower channel widths and less data compression. This chipset is slower than either of the above and is quite old technology.
What is the difference between 6G Internet and 5G?

6Gi stands for 6G Internet. We deliver ultrafast broadband services to the premises, over a new hybrid network that has been designed and built specifically with home and business ultrafast broadband in mind.

5G is the fifth generation of wireless connectivity that follows 4G standard. It is used predominantly by mobile networks for their 5G enabled devices.

The broadband network we use is for broadband only. It is not a mobile phone network, nor does it use or support 5G technologies.

For more information on how 6G Internet technology works, please contact our team who would be more than happy to help.